Notes from the Students April 4, 2012

"Grandma Jody" Demonstrating a beautiful, Reverse Low-Lunge on a chair at YOUYOGA



…because the workouts are great for flexibility, strength, and self-confidence
…because the atmosphere in the class is totally supportive, peaceful, and unintimidating
…because use of the chair means we always feel secure and unafraid to try the exercises
…because we always have a period of total relaxation at the end, which leads to peace and serenity
…because Ericka has such a soothing voice, kind attitude, and is concerned about each participant
…because it is a wonderful, easy introduction to the whole concept of yoga



Notes From The Students March 28, 2012


A strong, peaceful and confident Tree Pose being demonstrated on a chair at YOUYOGA.

In keeping with the theme of Ahimsa this week….I thought it appropriate to share some kind words from one of our valued Chair Yoga students at YOUYOGA, as well as share a photo of her practicing Tree Pose/Vrksasana on a chair.  The practice of  Tree Pose helps to strengthen the ankle while creating new space in the hip.  This openness in the hip can help to improve the symptoms of Sciatica, which is a pain or numbness in the leg, hip, and/or lower back caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve located at the lumbar (lower back) spine.
It also increases our muscular and skeletal strength in our arches, calves and thighs.  Helping us to create a strong base to improve, or maintain our physical balance.  If we lift our palms above the crown of our head, it can also help to increase our ability to breath, along with improving our circulation.  With greater breath and improved blood flow….our internal organs get the support they need to function properly.
By lifting our arms we also engage the muscles of our back-body…..helping to make it stronger, while improving our posture.  However, if your shoulders sense pain from an injury, or weakness then keep those hands at heart, or belly center.  Remember to keep lengthening the neck away from the tops of the shoulders, as you draw your shoulder blades towards one another.   This action alone will help to develop strength whether the hands are above, or below the heart.  
Lastly, practicing Tree Pose wether sitting, or standing will help to develop a sense of calm and focus.  I think we can all agree calm is worth seeking on a daily basis……for too often it seems that they day isn’t long enough for the task list that awaits our attention.  So whether you’re at work, or at home between taks, or commercial breaks be inspired to take a moment and try Tree Pose…..sitting or standing…..and see what it can do for YOU!  If nothing else it can become a moment of quality time for yourself.  Helping you to create the quality of Ahimsa………loving, compassion, and a sense of worthiness.  All qualities that can help us be better people knowing that we deserve to feel and be well.
Special thanks to Christine for allowing YOUYOGA to share her kind words (found below) and lovely photo with all of  our viewers 😉
“Chair yoga at YOUYOGA is REAL yoga. It’s good challenging exercise and it …makes you feel strong and balanced.You’re doing real yoga and the chair is just there for support. Really, that’s what YOUYOGA classes, and YOUYOGA teachers, are for … a little support when you need it.

You’re never on your own, there’s always an encouraging voice to remind you to be mindful of, and explore, your strength.”



Notes From The Students December 1, 2011

“Love my yoga teacher!  Ericka is great at helping us adapt to our own skill levels, and to be comfortable with that!!!”



Notes From The Students October 28, 2011

“I’ve been visiting  Matt Ross Community center for two years now and have been taking Chair Yoga. Ericka Bell is my very capable instructor. She has an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of yoga. Plus, she understands the attitude and ambiance that it takes to make each session a valuable experience.  I truly look forward to her class every week.  Ericka always makes you feel comfortable.  She speaks softly and ends each session with meditation. I suffered from lower back pain for years. Chair Yoga has reduced the problem significantly. Ericka encouraged me to try something new. Her gentle manner  helped me to stay with it.  Namaste: I bow to the light I see in me, just as I bow to the light I see in you.”



Notes From The Students October 21, 2011

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“I have been practicing yoga for the last 5 years with 2 other teachers.  For the last year I have been practicing in Ericka’s classes.  With her “Student Center” approach she has made the transition to her classes very enjoyable, and opened my yoga practice up for a new experience!  Ericka’s classes are enhancing for the beginner, as they are for someone who has been practicing for a while.  Thanks Ericka.”



Notes From The Students September 26, 2011

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“Ericka is a wonderful yoga teacher. I’ve taken yoga for ten years and she’s easily one of my favorite teachers.  Her style is unique as are her classes.  They are never the same. The poses might be ones you’ve done for years but the way she structures and choreographs her classes makes them fresh and new and always fun.  She is a wonderful blend of empathetic and patient with new students and yet interesting and challenging for long timers. Yoga would be infinitely more popular and accessible if there were teachers like her out there.”



Notes From The Students September 19, 2011

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 “I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years so have met more than a few
instructors.  Ericka’s delightful, positive personality makes it fun.  But,
more importantly, her instructions are clear and she is attentive to proper
form and alignment.  While challenging students to their edge, she
encourages them to listen to and respect where they are at any given time.
Her classes vary from week-to-week in structure and content making the
interesting, never rote.  And, she gives voice to the mind-body-spirit
connection.  With her, the practice of yoga is more than just an exercise or
a work-out class.”