Here We GROW Again! November 30, 2011

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The New Year is already promising to be exciting, and we’re looking forward to sharing this excitement with all of YOU!   Our yoga space is growing….literally….we’re knocking down the walls!  We’ll be expanding our space, adding more props, adding new classes, as well as adding some weekend workshops for 2012.  As soon as construction begins we’ll be posting updates on the blog…….so stay tuned and enjoy the process of growth with us!  We’re looking forward to sharing our new expansion with all of you.  And as always sharing in your yoga practice that let’s you be you! 


Sunday Inspiration 19 November 20, 2011

“If you recieve, you must give.  If you learn, you must teach.”

Maya Angelou


Great Teachers of Chair Yoga…and You Can Bring Them Home! November 19, 2011

Sometimes it can be challenging to get to your yoga class, or maybe you’d like to participate in more than 1-2 classes per week.  A wonderful way to get your practice in, or add days to your practice is by using DVDs in your own home.  It can be a challenge to decide what videos are best to suit your needs, but luckily I have already done the work for you.  There are 3 videos that I would like to share with you today.  I refer to these instructors as guides for my own classes, and I know they would make an excellent addition to your home practice.  They are as follows:

Peggy Cappy: Yoga For The Rest Of Us

Lakshmi Voelker: Get Fit Where You Sit

Anne Burnell: Stronger Seniors

Each of these yoga instructors offer additional videos that can be added to your  home yoga library overtime.  I have found that ordering these DVDs from tends to be the easiest method for purchase. You’ll be able to select from new and used videos, as well as the amount of money you would like to spend.  Purchases usually arrive within 1-2 weeks.  So, don’t  allow the weather, the chaos of life, or anything else keep you away from your yoga practice.  You can roll out your mat right at home while these excellent instructors guide you in your practice the entire way!


Breathing With Intention November 18, 2011

We enter the world with our first breath and we exit this world with our last breath, but what are we doing between those two points of our lives?  Yes, we’re breathing, but what is the quality and depth of our breath?  Most people breath in the upper part of their chest never exploring the full possibilities of their lunges.  Sometimes the breath is even held while we focus on a task, or while we are working on a new challenge.  However, the breath can be a powerful tool if you’re willing to explore the possibilities.

During my classes this week we worked on a form of breath know as Viloma II; this breath helps to create heat in the body.  So, if you’re feeling low on energy, sluggish, or a little cloudy in the head this is the breath for you.  On the other hand, if you’re feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed you can try the cooling breath known as Viloma I.  I felt it important to share these breathing styles with my students this week since we are heading into the holiday season.  It can become easy this time of year to feel over stressed; which can then lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, as well as fatigued.

Take a moment right now and notice how you’re feeling.  Once you decide, select the breath that you think will be most beneficial for you in this moment.  Try 1-3 rounds of breath at first, eventually working you way towards 3-5 rounds.  Keep the breath even and smooth….not feeling tension or stress….allow your body to be breathed.  With each of these breathes imagine your torso is a glass segmented into thirds.  During the practice of the cooling breath you’ll be pouring the breath out of your torso…the breath will move from the top, down.   So, the opposite will occur during the heating breath….you’ll be pouring the breath into the torso….the breath will move from the bottom, up.

Viloma I (cooling breath):

Inhale deeply, hold the breath at its’ peak.  Slowly release the breath 1/3… pause…slowly release the breath another 1/3…pause…slowly release the last 1/3 and empty the breathe all the way out….slowly inhale…repeat this sequence.

Viloma II (heating breath):

Inhale deeply, release the breath all the way out and hold for a moment at the bottom of the breath.  Slowly inhale 1/3…pause…slowly inhale another 1/3…pause…slowly in the last 1/3….pause at the peak, and then release the breath all the way out…repeat the sequence.

After practicing each breath take a moment and notice what sensations you’re experiencing…..just note them, and notice how the experience changes each time you practice these breathing techniques.  Most importantly, remember to keep the body calm, the brain quite and the breath flowing.  Your breath is always with you, so call upon it to nourish, calm, heal, and energize the body whenever you need it.


Sunday Inspiration 18 November 13, 2011

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”

Frank Loyd Wright



4 Ways to Increase Your Balance: Part 4 November 8, 2011

So, how has it been going?  Have you been working Step 1: feet, Step 2: thighs, and Step 3: core?  If you’ve been putting in the time you may already notice a difference in your balance.  You’ve also proven that you’re willing to commit to a process.  Building balance requires a consistent effort, and a belief that your balance will improve.  Which brings us to step 4: the brain.

Our thoughts are powerful…..what we think usually becomes our truth.  So, if you keep thinking you can’t balance I almost guarantee that you won’t.  On the other hand if you believe balance comes easily….than eventually it will.  Why are the most simple concepts so hard to accept?  The next time you practice balance repeat to yourself; “I have great balance and it gets better each time I practice.”

One final tip for balance…..find your Drishti. This is the yoga term for gazing point.  Find something at eye-level, or even slightly above the eyes.  Look at the item and then slowly begin to let you focus drift past the item…..almost as if you where in a trance.  Soften the breath and face….. quite the brain.  Try to hold your balancing pose; such as Tree Pose for 1-3 full rounds of breath before coming out of the pose.  Exit the pose as mindful as you entered the pose.  This will help to cultivate a catalog of balance that will be easier, and easier to call upon when needed.

During the month of November I will share some poses that will let you put your efforts into action.  Keep working, keep believing, and it will all come together for you.


Sunday Inspiration 17 November 6, 2011

“In the long run, we get no more than we have been willing to risk giving.”

Sheldon Kopp