Lymphatic System Cleansing Breath April 19, 2012

As I went through my Chair Yoga Certification with Lakshmi Voelker, one of the things I found most interesting was the process of our Lymphatic System and how much it needs our attention to function at its best.  I’ve shared this breath with my students, and I like to pair this breath with Eagle Pose.  Eagle Pose squeezes the lymph nodes found under the arms, and in the groin.  This helps to emphasis the action of the breath by forcing the toxins away from the glands. 

I invite you to read the following information from Lakshmi.  Take the time to understand it, and then take the time to apply it.  You’ll reap the same benefits whether your on the mat, or on the chair.  It’s simple and takes a minimal amount of breathing with awareness to help you body function properly with less toxins,  and the only side-effect is calm and clarity! 

Be well!  Ericka




Understand the power of the breath. Your body is as healthy as its cells. Healthy cells mean a healthy blood stream (circulatory system). Breath is the control system that cleanses the blood stream. It gives oxygen to cells and controls the flow of lymph fluid in the body, which contains white blood cells that protect the body and cleanses the system.

The lymph system is the body’s sewage system. Every cell is surrounded by lymph. We have 4 times more lymph than blood. Blood is pumped form the heart through the arteries to thin porous capillaries. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the capillaries where they are then diffused in to the fluid around the cells called lymph.

Cells take necessary nutrients and oxygen for their health right out of the lymph and excrete toxins back into the lymph. Dead cells and toxins then go into the lymph system to be drained out of the body. If the lymph system shut down for 24 hours, we would die as a result of trapped blood proteins and excess fluid.

The blood stream has a pump, the heart. The lymph has only deep breathing and muscular movement as its pump. We must breathe deeply to help stimulate lymph movement.

Learn how to breathe first. (Then, look into your eating habits and body movement. For those of you more interested, visit my Web site to learn about The Rebounder.) Deep breathing creates a vacuum that literally cycles the lymph thorough lymph nodes and, thus, the blood stream; it multiplies the pace at which the body eliminates toxins.

Deep breathing and exercise accelerate this process of cleansing 15 times its normal pace. Fully oxygenating the body has got to be our number one priority. One out of three Americans get cancer. Only one out of every seven athletes gets cancer. Why????? Athletes are giving the body oxygen regularly. They are firing off their internal vacuum—the lymph system—that is then cleansed through the circulatory system. More oxygen gets to the cells and fewer toxins stay in the body.

In the lymphatic system cleansing breath we need to breathe at the 1:4:2 ratio.

We hold the breath four times as long as the inhalation so we can oxygenate the blood.

We then need to exhale twice as long as we inhale because exhaling eliminates toxins such as excess carbon dioxide from the blood and activate the lymphatic system.




The lymphatic system cleansing breath goes as follows:

Start the breath deep within the abdominal area

Inhale for the count of 1

Hold the breath for the count of 4

Exhale through pursed lips slowly for the count of 2.

Conclude each ratio with one inhalation through the nose and one exhalation through the mouth.

Continue the ratio 9 more times for a total of 10 rounds three times a day.

Gradually increase the ratio as the days and weeks pass going to 2:8:4 then 3:12:6 and on till you can comfortably get to 7:28:14. This may take a few weeks to a few months to obtain


Reflection on Today’s Yoga Practices at YOUYOGA March 8, 2012


the beautiful lotus flower



Today’s classes were so enjoyable. We practiced “playing our edges” by facing challenges with kindness and grace. We also worked with a mindfulness of “Matrika Shakti”….defined as the power of the word.  Begin seeing obstacles as only challenges…..knowing that in-time with a loving consistency all things will unfold. Thank YOU Lakshmi Voelker for sharing this beautiful concept with us. May all of us carry this mind-set as we move through our day……seeking peace, harmony and bliss.


Sharing One Message….with the Voice and Passion of Many February 20, 2012

YOUYOGA is feeling pretty fantastic that beginning in the near months we’ll be sharing quality information on a variety of wellness  topics with our followers.  It’s our goal to offer wellness information ranging from yoga, nutrition, physical fitness, as well as mindfulness that will allow YOU, and us to become our best selves!!! 

By bringing all of our forces together we seek to provide a one stop destination for our viewers.  So, we invite you to stay tuned….not to mention being ready to have your cup filled with knowledge that allows you to be, to become, and to maintain being your best YOU.  In fact, we’re so excited that we want to introduce our Guest Bloggers to you right now, so that you can get a better idea of where all of this goodness will be coming from.

In the following weeks we’ll be rolling out their individual information, so that you can learn more about their message and passion for their own personal topics.


 Guest Bloggers:


Kristin Malara, Awesome Mom, Wife, YOGI, and Small Business Owner:  How to become a Vegetarian, or adopt parts of this healthy lifestyle to suit one’s individual needs……recipes will be shared as well.  Maybe even some discussion on food allergies, and how to live a healthy life with them.


Lakshmi Voelker, E-RYT 500, IAYT, KYTA and Bruce Binder, President of Get Fit Where You Sit:  Chair Yoga……oh my YES, yoga can be done from a chair!  And you still get ample benefits from your practice.


Dr. Michael Norwood, PhD of Sports Psychology, CPT:  Connection between Mind, Body and Performance, along with useful tips on healthy weight loss


Danelle Drury, CYT 200: Kids Yoga….. sharing a yoga practice with children can help to promote self- awareness, discipline and confidence. It is the ultimate learning through play.


Darrell Duane-Wray, ACE Certfied Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor: Inspiring Seniors to stay/become fit through weight training and cardio routines…..sprinkled with a little Pilates from time to time.


Rachael Wiedner, Health and Wellness Coach with Herbalife International:  Works with individuals to help them see the value of a nutritional lifestyle changes,  and the importance of exercise…… when the body receives both it becomes healthier and stronger.


Matt McDaniel, Martial Art Master, and owner of AKKA Karate:  Sharing his prospective on how the practice of yoga can help enhance one’s life….no matter the gender, or the goal.


Kim Wells, PT, ATC, and Juice Plus Consultant:  Educates and empowers others to understand that simple choices in nutrition and fitness can make a profound difference in their health, athletic performance and overall quality of life.


Great Teachers of Chair Yoga…and You Can Bring Them Home! November 19, 2011

Sometimes it can be challenging to get to your yoga class, or maybe you’d like to participate in more than 1-2 classes per week.  A wonderful way to get your practice in, or add days to your practice is by using DVDs in your own home.  It can be a challenge to decide what videos are best to suit your needs, but luckily I have already done the work for you.  There are 3 videos that I would like to share with you today.  I refer to these instructors as guides for my own classes, and I know they would make an excellent addition to your home practice.  They are as follows:

Peggy Cappy: Yoga For The Rest Of Us

Lakshmi Voelker: Get Fit Where You Sit

Anne Burnell: Stronger Seniors

Each of these yoga instructors offer additional videos that can be added to your  home yoga library overtime.  I have found that ordering these DVDs from tends to be the easiest method for purchase. You’ll be able to select from new and used videos, as well as the amount of money you would like to spend.  Purchases usually arrive within 1-2 weeks.  So, don’t  allow the weather, the chaos of life, or anything else keep you away from your yoga practice.  You can roll out your mat right at home while these excellent instructors guide you in your practice the entire way!