Great Teachers of Chair Yoga…and You Can Bring Them Home! November 19, 2011

Sometimes it can be challenging to get to your yoga class, or maybe you’d like to participate in more than 1-2 classes per week.  A wonderful way to get your practice in, or add days to your practice is by using DVDs in your own home.  It can be a challenge to decide what videos are best to suit your needs, but luckily I have already done the work for you.  There are 3 videos that I would like to share with you today.  I refer to these instructors as guides for my own classes, and I know they would make an excellent addition to your home practice.  They are as follows:

Peggy Cappy: Yoga For The Rest Of Us

Lakshmi Voelker: Get Fit Where You Sit

Anne Burnell: Stronger Seniors

Each of these yoga instructors offer additional videos that can be added to your  home yoga library overtime.  I have found that ordering these DVDs from tends to be the easiest method for purchase. You’ll be able to select from new and used videos, as well as the amount of money you would like to spend.  Purchases usually arrive within 1-2 weeks.  So, don’t  allow the weather, the chaos of life, or anything else keep you away from your yoga practice.  You can roll out your mat right at home while these excellent instructors guide you in your practice the entire way!


2 Responses to “Great Teachers of Chair Yoga…and You Can Bring Them Home!”

  1. Krystal H. Says:

    You should definitely post some short chair yoga routines on here. Now that I’m back in the office for more than half my day, I feel completely drained. A short series of postures for morning wake-up and mid-afternoon slump would be wonderful! 😀

    • YouYoga Says:

      Hello Krystal, I think that is a wonderful idea. Stayed tuned to YOUYOGA, because in the New Year we’ll be offering more features on our blog, and streaming videos happen to be on the list! Thanks for your support of YOUYOGA. Until then try some deep even breaths to wake up, and gently twist in the afternoon to keep the energy going! Truly, Ericka 🙂

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