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Mom’s Day Special 30/30:

30 days of yoga for 30 dollars……That’s right give the moms in your life the gift of wellness and clam.  This 30 day window will be from May 14 – June 16.  She can take as many classes as she would like during this time frame…..with exclusion of YOU in Stillness; however, this gift will be recognized as a pass, so she may qualify for the discount.



Upcoming YOU in Stillness Practices Sundays @ 1:00-2:30 pm:

May 06: session filled

May 20: session filled

May 27: space available

Remember, space is limited to 6 students in this practice, so please sign-up and pay in advance for your session.

Cost: 20$, or 15$ if class pass holder



New YOU in the Beginning Practice:

Wednesdays: YOU in the Beginning @ 6:15-7:15 pm, this practice will begin on April 18

Learn to build your practice from the ground up, as well as learning name of poses, along with various breathing techniques.  You’ll gain the confidence to move forward in your practice…..while feeling good about yourself!



Pilates with Darrell Wray:

Thursday, April 12 @ 9:30-10:30 am (on the mat)

Saturday,  April 24 @ 9:30-10:30 am (on the chair)

Get your “powerhouse”  strong so that you can feel good in your body!



YOUYOGA Kids: 6 Week Junior Yoga Instructor Program with Danelle Drury:

Wednesdays:  May 9 – June 6 and June 13 – July 25

Level 1 (5-8 yrs): 4:00-4:45 pm

Level 2 (9-12 yrs): 5:00-5:45 pm

Cost:  54$ per session (9$ per class), or 12$ drop-in

By sharing yoga with children it can help to promote self-awareness, discipline and confidence in them.  It’s the ultimate learning through play!


Introducing YOUYOGA Guest Blogger: Rachael Wiedner March 13, 2012

Rachael Wiedner, Health and Wellness Coach with Herbalife International

Hi, Rachael Wiedner here!!! I am a health & wellness coach with Herbalife International. I am passionate about working with people, developing relationships and producing results. Herbalife has amazing products and my journey started April 2010 when I started drinking delicious Herbalife smoothies and lost 10 pounds, 14 inches, no longer needed my Prozac! 

I also lost my coffee addiction, gained incredible energy and now own a nutrition club in Mission, Kansas. I am super excited to open 2 more nutrition clubs in Shawnee within the next year.  And I am super excited to share with all of you my simple, yet helpful tips on how you can become your best healthy YOU!   I work with individuals to help them understand the value of a nutritional lifestyle changes,  and the importance of  exercise. When the body receives both it becomes healthier and stronger!!!

Please contact me at:, or by phone 913.449.2893 for your free smoothie, tea and body analysis.


Tadasana: Mountain Pose 3 August 23, 2011

As the month of August is winding down to an end I wanted to ask…have you been working your Mountain Pose?  Well, in our home it has caught on and my son, Darius insisted that I share his Tadasana with all of you.  How beautiful and how awesome to see him connecting with self.  As he practiced this asana he quickly discovered that he had to become aware of his actions.  He had to quiet his brain and let his body be the guide.  Lastly, he had to slow down and just breath.  Afterwards he stated; “Man this yoga stuff is hard, but I like it.”

His statement shows that in order to grow we have to find grace in the challenges of our lives.  If we pack up and run every time things get “too hard” we will not discover the strength that lies within us waiting to blossom.  We also have to turn our energy inward to explore the possibilities of self.  In the beginning of his practice, he wanted to simply mimic my actions which is perfectly fine, and natural.  However, the true growth of his Tadasana came when his energy began to turn inward.  By drawing our attention to self we find weakness and strength.  We can also find stiffness and flexibility.  Overtime these elements will find harmony given us  a greater appreciation for self.  In my opinion, this is the best gift of one’s yoga practice.

As we visit Tadasana for the last time this month here are a few tips to help you get the most from this asana.

1. Stand with your feet hip distance a part.  Draw your weight evenly between both feet and legs.  Feel your feet rooted deeply into the earth by keeping the heels firm and the toes extended.  As your balance improves bring your big toes and heels together.

2.  As you ground down in your feet, feel a line of energy from the ankles, to the knees, and the hips.  Begin to draw the leg muscle up and curl your tailbone forward.  As you move the tailbone forward feel the lower back, or lumbar spine lengthen.  Begin to gently draw your belly in, as well as up to support the lower back. 

3.  Let the arms extend along the sides of your body, with palms facing your thighs, and fingers pointing down.  Feel the neck lengthen away from your shoulders.  Continue to draw your shoulders back and down, as if you were going to place your shoulder blades in your back pockets.  Lift your sternum, or your heart center,  and broaden your chest.  Let your breath flow in and out normally.

4. As you stand in your Mountain Pose continue pressing down through the mounds of your toes and heels of the feet.  Feel yourself rooted in the lower body and yet light in your upper body.  Allow the breath to quiet the mind as you seek stillness and strength from within.  Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds.  Each time you practice your asana continue to come with a curiosity, and a willingnees to discover something new that lies within you.

(Reference:  B.K.S. Iyengar YOGA the Path to Holistic Health, p.68-69)


Tadasana: Mountain Pose 2 August 15, 2011

The word tada means “mountain” in sanskrit.  Or in my classes I like to say, “Tada….look I’m standing on both feet!”  Often as we go through our day we shift our weight from side to side, rather than being balanced betweeen the legs, and feet.

Next time your standing in a line, or at your kitchen sink take a moment and notice how your weight is being distributed between your legs, and feet.  You might find you’re sagging in one hip placing more of your weight on that leg.  This can create an imbalance in your posture.  The good news is just by bringing awareness you can begin to shift allowing yourself to feel more balanced, along with feeling more connected.

Mountain Pose is good for all!  If you have issues with your spine, or Parkinson’s disease you can practice this asana with your back against a wall.  Practicing Tadasana will help correct bad posture, as well as straighten the spine.  It counters the degenerative effects of aging on the spine, legs, and feet.  The most exciting benefit in my opinion is that it also tones the buttock muscles…..yeah for yoga! (B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga the Path to Holistic Health)

So takes this pose of the month and work it.  You don’t need a mat or a class to benefit from this basic asana.  Take the time to seek balance, and you’ll find yourself feeling more connected and grounded…just like the majestic mountains of nature.

(Photo created by


Tadasana: Mountain Pose August 2, 2011

Often times in our practice I think we’re drawn to the full expression of an asana, or pose.  For instance, while practicing Vkrsasana: Tree Pose we don’t attain a strong foundation with balance before we try, with all of our might, to pull the heel of our foot to our groin.  In doing so, we look more like a Weeping Willow, rather than a sturdy Oak.  Taking this approach to a pose can help reinforce internal thoughts like: I have poor balance.  This statement may be currently true. 

However, we need to come to a place where our practice helps to create supportive thoughts, rather than our thoughts determining the outcome of our practice.  For instance, in Tree Pose if we allow the toes to rest on the ground while the heel of the foot rest on the inside of the standing leg we can begin to seek balance.  Once we find that balance we can begin to work on other aspects of the pose.  With this mindful, self-acceptance approach eventually supportive thoughts will arise like: My balance is improving. 

This got me thinking…finding ease in a pose is truly a matter of understanding the foundation of each pose.  Then with an open heart and a quite mind we meet ourselves where we’re at in the pose.  Being playful and being curious every step of the way.  It also got me thinking that Tadasana: Mountain Pose truly is the foundation of all asana.  As simple as it may appear, it takes quite a bit of awareness to align the body properly.  It takes even more awareness to seek that  alignment in each pose.

So, this month we honor Mountain Pose.  It’s a pose attainable for all, as well as a pose that truly can be practiced anywhere at anytime.  Try it standing, sitting or even lying down with feet grounded at the wall.  Feel your inward strength radiating out.  Have faith knowing that with a strong foundation, as well as proper alignment all poses are possible within your bodies unique form of expression.

In the weeks to follow I will share the benefits, the anatomy and the modifications for Tadasana.  Join me in my practice of Mountain Pose this month, and let’s feel grounded and stronger together.


(Photo created by Esteem Fitness)


Sirsasana: Headstand July 7, 2011

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I’m always drawn to images of people performing, amazing, physical, athletic, and yet artful actions with their bodies.  I’m enthralled with the delicate balance of strength, flexibility and balance.  I also admire their dedication and commitment to their art form.  It started me thinking…Why do I look up to these individuals?  And, could that potential lie within me?

The why is simple….its beautiful to see the human body unfold with all its possibility.  In my opinion there’s nothing better than watching a modern dancer glide across the stage with seemingly no effort or strain.  But rather more like a quite, confident force that demands all of your attention.

Answering the second question takes a little more thought, as well as courage.  I belive the potential for greatness lies within all of us, but we have to know where our individual greatness lies.  Once it’s found we have to tap into a level of dedication and commitment.  The greater the level of dedication and commitment the greater the results.  Being truthful about what you’re capable of is where the courage comes into play.  We often sell ourselves short….way too short!  We can also overextend.  There is nothing good coming from that approach either.  So we seek balance looking for the edges that help our greatness grow at a pace that is most productive for ourselves.

I’ve given this concept of “what potential lies within me” some thought.  I’ve decided that during each month of the calendar year I’ll commit myself to working towards deepening my understanding, and practice of one advanced pose per month.  During the month of July I’ll be working towards Sirsasana: Headstand without using the support of a wall.  My intention is to put my beliefs into action.  I’m going to be walking the walk instead of talking the talk.  I’ll share my resources, new gained knowledge, and experiences weekly.  Hopefully you’ll join me, and we can grow our yoga practice together.