Sharing Yoga with Lululemon of Leawood, Ks June 20, 2012

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Well, awhile ago one of our students shared my name with the Lululemon store of Leawood, Ks.  They offer free yoga sessions to their clients on Saturday mornings, and they invite local yoga teachers to share thier practice.  What a wonderful idea, and concept!  I was contacted to share this coming Saturday, June 23 @ 9:00 a.m.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity, and feel grateful for being asked to be a part of the “morning squeeze.”  Maybe I’ll see some of you all there!

To find out more, follow this link:!/lululemonLeawood


Never-Ever Give Up May 16, 2012

I am so grateful that our student Skylar shared this video clip with me!  It gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I am in my journey of growing YOUYOGA.  At times I feel success, other times doubt, and most the time overwhelmed.   In my day-to-day life it can become so easy to get overwhelmed with the simple task……running errands, keeping up with chores, taking care of family, oh and let’s not forget growing a yoga business!  It also becomes equally easy to lose focus on myself, and my personal goals.  Having the opportunity to view this inspirational video clip reminds me that all things are possible, and my battles will only get as big as I allow them to grow!!!

It also illustrates the importance of surrounding yourself with others that believe in your mission…..not matter how big, or small.  As I have stated before, at YOUYOGA we believe in you, until you have the courage to believe in yourself.  That message flows in both directions…..our students belief in our message, and our teachers belief in our mission makes it easier for me to push forward through the success, the doubt and the times of being overwhelmed.  These experiences are universal…..not unique to me, or anyone else. So, when you are able to bare witness to others’ perseverance as the overcome their struggles it gives you the courage to believe even more in yourself.

Please watch this video clip and let yourself be inspired to step out onto the ledge of your dreams, and find the courage to leap into your destiny!  Namaste



Free Week of Yoga for Moms at YOUYOGA May 7, 2012



Hello All! Just a quick reminder that classes are FREE this week for all MOMS to help celebrate the upcoming weekend a little sooner. Come filll your cup, so that you have a little more to pour for those you care about in your life. And if you can’t join us…….Happy Mother’s Day from the teachers of YOUYOGA!!!


Weekly Schedule



11:00 am – 12:00 pm Chair Yoga

6: 15 pm – 7:30 pm YOU in the Flow



9:30 am – 10:30 am YOU in the Beginning

11:00 am – 12:00 pm YOU in the Mix



 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm YOU in the Beginning



9:30 am – 10:45 am YOU in the Flow

11:00 am – 12:00 pm Chair Yoga

6: 15 pm – 7:30 pm YOU in the Flow



9:30 am – 10:30 am YOU in the Beginning



9:30 am – 10:30 am Chair Yoga

Chair Pilates on May 5, 12, 26



YOUYOGA Kids: Junior Yoga Instructor Program with Danelle Drury April 9, 2012

We’re looking forward to having your child(ren) participate in YOUYOGA Kids:  Junior Yoga Instructor Program.   You might be wondering what exactly is Kids’ Yoga?   Well, at YOUYOGA we believe it’s a combination of many things, and over the course of 6 yoga practices your child will experience the following:

First, we tap into your child’s creativity by pretending we’re animals or elements that occur in nature; such as  large mountains.  When we use our creativity we also learn to think for ourselves, and challenge our minds.

Movement is another aspect of YOUYOGA Kids.  By practicing asana, also known as yoga poses, your children will build strength and focus. They’ll also learn to appreciate their bodies, and what they are capable of accomplishing through consistent effort and awareness.

We’ll also focus on your child’s love of sound.  Connecting movements through song helps to build brain power, which is great way to increase memory.  The children will also learn the names of poses along with various breathing techniques.

The best part about YOUYOGA Kids is: During the 6th session each child will lead part of a yoga practice sharing with their families what they’ve learned.  That’s right……they’re going to teach YOU!  At the end of their instruction they’ll be presented with a Junior Yoga Instructor Certificate.

At YOUYOGA, we believe that sharing yoga with your child  can help promote self-awareness, discipline and self-confidence. It’s the ultimate learning through play!  We can’t wait to get started!  Here are the dates for the summer session, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.  Each class is limited to 12 students, so don’t delay:

Summer Sessions:


Wednesdays, May 9 – June 6

4:00 – 4:45 pm, Ages: 5-8

5:00 -5:45 pm, Ages: 9-12


Wednesdays, June 13 – July 25

4:00 – 4:45 pm, Ages: 5-8

5:00 -5:45 pm, Ages: 9-12


Cost: $54 for each 6 week session


Notes from the Students April 4, 2012

"Grandma Jody" Demonstrating a beautiful, Reverse Low-Lunge on a chair at YOUYOGA



…because the workouts are great for flexibility, strength, and self-confidence
…because the atmosphere in the class is totally supportive, peaceful, and unintimidating
…because use of the chair means we always feel secure and unafraid to try the exercises
…because we always have a period of total relaxation at the end, which leads to peace and serenity
…because Ericka has such a soothing voice, kind attitude, and is concerned about each participant
…because it is a wonderful, easy introduction to the whole concept of yoga



Notes From The Students March 28, 2012


A strong, peaceful and confident Tree Pose being demonstrated on a chair at YOUYOGA.

In keeping with the theme of Ahimsa this week….I thought it appropriate to share some kind words from one of our valued Chair Yoga students at YOUYOGA, as well as share a photo of her practicing Tree Pose/Vrksasana on a chair.  The practice of  Tree Pose helps to strengthen the ankle while creating new space in the hip.  This openness in the hip can help to improve the symptoms of Sciatica, which is a pain or numbness in the leg, hip, and/or lower back caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve located at the lumbar (lower back) spine.
It also increases our muscular and skeletal strength in our arches, calves and thighs.  Helping us to create a strong base to improve, or maintain our physical balance.  If we lift our palms above the crown of our head, it can also help to increase our ability to breath, along with improving our circulation.  With greater breath and improved blood flow….our internal organs get the support they need to function properly.
By lifting our arms we also engage the muscles of our back-body…..helping to make it stronger, while improving our posture.  However, if your shoulders sense pain from an injury, or weakness then keep those hands at heart, or belly center.  Remember to keep lengthening the neck away from the tops of the shoulders, as you draw your shoulder blades towards one another.   This action alone will help to develop strength whether the hands are above, or below the heart.  
Lastly, practicing Tree Pose wether sitting, or standing will help to develop a sense of calm and focus.  I think we can all agree calm is worth seeking on a daily basis……for too often it seems that they day isn’t long enough for the task list that awaits our attention.  So whether you’re at work, or at home between taks, or commercial breaks be inspired to take a moment and try Tree Pose…..sitting or standing…..and see what it can do for YOU!  If nothing else it can become a moment of quality time for yourself.  Helping you to create the quality of Ahimsa………loving, compassion, and a sense of worthiness.  All qualities that can help us be better people knowing that we deserve to feel and be well.
Special thanks to Christine for allowing YOUYOGA to share her kind words (found below) and lovely photo with all of  our viewers 😉
“Chair yoga at YOUYOGA is REAL yoga. It’s good challenging exercise and it …makes you feel strong and balanced.You’re doing real yoga and the chair is just there for support. Really, that’s what YOUYOGA classes, and YOUYOGA teachers, are for … a little support when you need it.

You’re never on your own, there’s always an encouraging voice to remind you to be mindful of, and explore, your strength.”



Pilates Anyone? YOUYOGA has you covered………. on the mat and on the chair March 15, 2012


Darrell-Wray sharing the Pilates Roll-Up with YOUYOGA students.

Special thanks to Darrell Wray for sharing your Pilates on the mat and on the chair with YOUYOGA’s students last week……everyone enjoyed YOU and your approach to building a strong “powerhouse”.  So….. Darrell will be joining us again next month on Thursday, April 12 @ 9:30-10:45 am for a mat class.   And Saturday, April 21 @ 9:30-10:30 am for a chair class……Can’t wait to work that core again!!