Introducing YOUYOGA Guest Blogger: Kristin Malara February 27, 2012

Welcome to the debut of Vegan Voyage!  My name is Krys, and I invite you to join me as I explore the ins and outs of a plant-based, and grain-based diet.  I had been vegetarian for over nine years, but decided to convert to veganism in October 2011. I have found a vegan lifestyle to be a whole new level of harmony between food and the body, and even the soul.   However, I am fully aware that no single “diet” is perfect for everyone.  Whether it is due to body type, health issues, food allergies or intolerance, family traditions or expectations, certain food inaccessibility, and/or simple likes and dislikes, it is important to eat what is best for YOU. 

This can be achieved by really listening to your body.  In my household alone, we prepare meals around dairy, peanut, tree nut, strawberry and, most recently, soy allergies.  Rather than dwell on what we can’t have, we choose to search for yummy alternatives.  I could blog on food allergies alone, but I decided to incorporate the two.  Although I will focus mainly on veganism, this blog is meant for anyone who is interested in discovering alternative substitutes to animal products, why they might be beneficial, and tasty ways to prepare them.   I also hope to discuss related subjects such as; books, movies, documentaries, websites, and restaurants (with recommended dishes).  So, no matter what your current eating habits are, I hope you can glean a thing or two from this blog as I continue on my Vegan Voyage. 

Yours in Health, Krys



Stay Tuned for my Upcoming Posts on the following topics:

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  • Pieces of the Protein Puzzle, from Amaranth to Tofu
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Introducing YOUYOGA Guest Blogger: Darrell Duane-Wray February 23, 2012

Darrell Duane-Wray, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise/Pilates Instructor

Darrell’s interest in working in the fitness industry started in 2006.  A car accident in 2001 caused a crushed pelvis, collapsed lungs and a broken leg and ankles, among several other injuries.  An orthopedic doctor told him he would never walk unassisted again, but after five years on crutches, a walker and a cane, and seven hip surgeries including two total hip replacements, he is walking, and more!

With the use of many different rehabilitation therapies, Darrell found Pilates to be one of the most helpful to strengthen his body.  Learning to walk again, created a passion to help people, as he was helped.

As a N.E.T.A. Certified Group Exercise Instructor he started teaching Pilates and Cycle, and then Boot Camp, Body Shaper, Bar Bell Strength, Joints in Motion and most recently, in March of 2011, became a Water Arts Aerobics instructor.  He always includes cues for beginners, intermediate and advanced clients with modifications to each step when appropriate.

Upon teaching this wide variety of group exercise classes he saw many people with arthritis or who had orthopedic surgeries or had been injured.  Many of these people were struggling to regain their health.  This led him to become an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer in June of 2010.

After performing a fitness and health history assessment, he designs personalized strategies and introduces his clients to workouts which are designed to reshape mind, body and spirit.  One of Darrell’s strengths is to make sure all his clients use appropriate form.  As he says, “It is not about how many repetitions you do, but how well you do them.”  He is very knowledgeable with all gym equipment and has the ability to monitor and instruct clients regarding safe and effective use of cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training equipment. Darrell gives clear and concise explanations for his recommendations.  He has a calm and relaxing communication style which his clients enjoy.  His teaching technique is motivational and goal oriented.

Darrell is passionate about helping people improve their health, increase their stamina and regain their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.