1st Sunday of the month YOU in stillness was WONDERFUL March 4, 2012

Supported Bound Angle Pose at the wall during YOU in stillness practice @ YOUYOGA

We got our relaxation on today at YOUYOGA…..and it was fantastic! Thanks to all of our students and instructors that made it worthwhile giving up 2 hours on a beautiful Sunday. We’re looking forward to making it happen again in April! Stay posted for sign-up sheet, or contact us so you can get your relaxation on too!

Got 8 Minutes? Slip in Some Kids’ Yoga February 29, 2012


Danell Drury, 200 CYT

 Parents! Here is a little video that shows some cute yoga activities to help expend some extra energy at the end of a day in as little 8 minutes!   When your little ones are wound up, and bed time is approaching, or anytime when your little ones are wound up, and you need to unwind them some! It’s a fun family activity that has benefits for all involved.  Follow the link below and let the unwinding begin!