Strawberry-Grapefruit Smoothie July 29, 2012

I bought a juicer at the beginning of the new year.  The goal was to bring some power-packed nutrients right into my body, and so far I’ve been pleased.  I’ve tried many juices that are both fruit and veggie based, and I’ve enjoyed them all.  However, when spring came around I was able to try out some strawberries, and I love the crisp, tart, freshness they bring to a serving of morning juice.  I stumbled upon this recipe from Whole Living Magazine’s May 2012 issue.  It was part of their 3 day cleanse.

It’s believed that by using seasonal fruits and vegetables in a specific combination, one can begin flushing old waste and toxins from the digestive system.  This in turn brings a sense of well-being, possible weight-loss, and increased energy.  I must be honest, doing a cleanse is not the most fun way to experience food, but Whole Living Magazine does an excellent job at making the food tasteful, as well as interesting.

This smoothie by far is one of my favorites, and I still make it when time permits in the mornings.  If you have a high-powered blender you can use it to make these ingredients into a smoothie.  I opt to use my juicer getting down to the pure nutrients of the fruits.  Let’s get to the YUM! You will need the following ingredients:


1 Ruby Red Grapefruit, peeled, seeded, and chopped

2 cups of hulled, fresh strawberries

1 sweet apple, cored and chopped.  I prefer to use Fuji apples.

1 inch fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

1 cup of water (blender only)

Press all ingredients through a juicer, or place in a high-speed blender.  Process until smooth and enjoy!


Introducing YOUYOGA Guest Blogger: Rachael Wiedner March 13, 2012

Rachael Wiedner, Health and Wellness Coach with Herbalife International

Hi, Rachael Wiedner here!!! I am a health & wellness coach with Herbalife International. I am passionate about working with people, developing relationships and producing results. Herbalife has amazing products and my journey started April 2010 when I started drinking delicious Herbalife smoothies and lost 10 pounds, 14 inches, no longer needed my Prozac! 

I also lost my coffee addiction, gained incredible energy and now own a nutrition club in Mission, Kansas. I am super excited to open 2 more nutrition clubs in Shawnee within the next year.  And I am super excited to share with all of you my simple, yet helpful tips on how you can become your best healthy YOU!   I work with individuals to help them understand the value of a nutritional lifestyle changes,  and the importance of  exercise. When the body receives both it becomes healthier and stronger!!!

Please contact me at:, or by phone 913.449.2893 for your free smoothie, tea and body analysis.