Black Bean Burger Salad July 11, 2011

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This is one of my favorite go to quick lunches, and it’s so easy!  No real cooking skills required for success.  I came up with this one on my own, because I was in a mood for more veggies than bread.  I also wanted something that would sustain me for a few hours. 

Let’s get to the YUM!  You will need the following ingredients:

1 Morning Star chipotle black bean burger patty (I purchase these in bulk at Costco, but I’m sure you can find these at most local grocery stores in the freezer section)

1-2 handfuls of pre-packed spring mix lettuce

3 avocado slices

3-4 cherry tomatoes cut in fourths

1 scallion sliced

1 slice of provolone cheese

1 tsp of spicy mustard

While the bean patty is cooking (follow directions on box) I place the mixed lettuce on a plate.  During the last 15 sec of cooking I dress the bean patty with mustard and cheese.  This allows the cheese to melt bringing out a little more flavor.  Place the cooked patty on top of the lettuce.  Spread the avocado slices, tomatoes and scallions on top.  This is so enjoyable for such a quick meal.

I would recommend swapping the mustard for salsa, or maybe even drizzling the entire salad with lime juice for a little citrus kick.  Basically, have some fun and don’t be afraid to mix it up!  If you come up with something that makes you say YUM….please share your creation with us.