Sharing One Message….with the Voice and Passion of Many February 20, 2012

YOUYOGA is feeling pretty fantastic that beginning in the near months we’ll be sharing quality information on a variety of wellness  topics with our followers.  It’s our goal to offer wellness information ranging from yoga, nutrition, physical fitness, as well as mindfulness that will allow YOU, and us to become our best selves!!! 

By bringing all of our forces together we seek to provide a one stop destination for our viewers.  So, we invite you to stay tuned….not to mention being ready to have your cup filled with knowledge that allows you to be, to become, and to maintain being your best YOU.  In fact, we’re so excited that we want to introduce our Guest Bloggers to you right now, so that you can get a better idea of where all of this goodness will be coming from.

In the following weeks we’ll be rolling out their individual information, so that you can learn more about their message and passion for their own personal topics.


 Guest Bloggers:


Kristin Malara, Awesome Mom, Wife, YOGI, and Small Business Owner:  How to become a Vegetarian, or adopt parts of this healthy lifestyle to suit one’s individual needs……recipes will be shared as well.  Maybe even some discussion on food allergies, and how to live a healthy life with them.


Lakshmi Voelker, E-RYT 500, IAYT, KYTA and Bruce Binder, President of Get Fit Where You Sit:  Chair Yoga……oh my YES, yoga can be done from a chair!  And you still get ample benefits from your practice.


Dr. Michael Norwood, PhD of Sports Psychology, CPT:  Connection between Mind, Body and Performance, along with useful tips on healthy weight loss


Danelle Drury, CYT 200: Kids Yoga….. sharing a yoga practice with children can help to promote self- awareness, discipline and confidence. It is the ultimate learning through play.


Darrell Duane-Wray, ACE Certfied Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor: Inspiring Seniors to stay/become fit through weight training and cardio routines…..sprinkled with a little Pilates from time to time.


Rachael Wiedner, Health and Wellness Coach with Herbalife International:  Works with individuals to help them see the value of a nutritional lifestyle changes,  and the importance of exercise…… when the body receives both it becomes healthier and stronger.


Matt McDaniel, Martial Art Master, and owner of AKKA Karate:  Sharing his prospective on how the practice of yoga can help enhance one’s life….no matter the gender, or the goal.


Kim Wells, PT, ATC, and Juice Plus Consultant:  Educates and empowers others to understand that simple choices in nutrition and fitness can make a profound difference in their health, athletic performance and overall quality of life.