Our Goal this week….Practicing Kindness March 26, 2012

This week our goal in class will be to practice the Yama known as Ahimsa (non-violence)…so as we go through our practice we’ll try to be aware, we’ll be gentle in our actions, thoughts, and speech.
For example, as we go into a forward fold and our hamstrings (back of our legs) say….HALT!!! We’ll listen and we’ll become gentle in our action by using blocks to lift the earth, or rest our hands above our knees on the thighs.
We’ll view the stretch as a challenge, not an obstacle that can’t be overcome. We’ll be patient with ourselves while having a sense of pride for what is accomplished today.
The practice of Ahimsa translates into compassion, love, understanding, patience, self-love and worthiness.
I invite you in this moment to think of one way you can practice kindness for yourself……not someone else……yourself. Think of it and go do it!

Reflection on Today’s Yoga Practices at YOUYOGA March 8, 2012


the beautiful lotus flower



Today’s classes were so enjoyable. We practiced “playing our edges” by facing challenges with kindness and grace. We also worked with a mindfulness of “Matrika Shakti”….defined as the power of the word.  Begin seeing obstacles as only challenges…..knowing that in-time with a loving consistency all things will unfold. Thank YOU Lakshmi Voelker for sharing this beautiful concept with us. May all of us carry this mind-set as we move through our day……seeking peace, harmony and bliss.