Kids Can Benefit From Yoga Too December 2, 2011

I invite you to watch a 4 minute video clip featuring: HEADSTAND founded by Katherine Priore.  This non-profit group provides yoga classes to students daily within their school.  It speaks to the power of yoga, and how one can learn to listen to their internal self……bringing calm, increased awareness, and most important a greater appreciation for self.  It is my hope that my students gain these qualities, so I wanted to applaud Katherine for sharing this same passion with her students.  And a special thanks to my brother, Dr. Michael Norwood for being kind enough to share this clip with me.  Enjoy! 

Sirsasana: Headstand July 7, 2011

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I’m always drawn to images of people performing, amazing, physical, athletic, and yet artful actions with their bodies.  I’m enthralled with the delicate balance of strength, flexibility and balance.  I also admire their dedication and commitment to their art form.  It started me thinking…Why do I look up to these individuals?  And, could that potential lie within me?

The why is simple….its beautiful to see the human body unfold with all its possibility.  In my opinion there’s nothing better than watching a modern dancer glide across the stage with seemingly no effort or strain.  But rather more like a quite, confident force that demands all of your attention.

Answering the second question takes a little more thought, as well as courage.  I belive the potential for greatness lies within all of us, but we have to know where our individual greatness lies.  Once it’s found we have to tap into a level of dedication and commitment.  The greater the level of dedication and commitment the greater the results.  Being truthful about what you’re capable of is where the courage comes into play.  We often sell ourselves short….way too short!  We can also overextend.  There is nothing good coming from that approach either.  So we seek balance looking for the edges that help our greatness grow at a pace that is most productive for ourselves.

I’ve given this concept of “what potential lies within me” some thought.  I’ve decided that during each month of the calendar year I’ll commit myself to working towards deepening my understanding, and practice of one advanced pose per month.  During the month of July I’ll be working towards Sirsasana: Headstand without using the support of a wall.  My intention is to put my beliefs into action.  I’m going to be walking the walk instead of talking the talk.  I’ll share my resources, new gained knowledge, and experiences weekly.  Hopefully you’ll join me, and we can grow our yoga practice together.