Never-Ever Give Up May 16, 2012

I am so grateful that our student Skylar shared this video clip with me!  It gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I am in my journey of growing YOUYOGA.  At times I feel success, other times doubt, and most the time overwhelmed.   In my day-to-day life it can become so easy to get overwhelmed with the simple task……running errands, keeping up with chores, taking care of family, oh and let’s not forget growing a yoga business!  It also becomes equally easy to lose focus on myself, and my personal goals.  Having the opportunity to view this inspirational video clip reminds me that all things are possible, and my battles will only get as big as I allow them to grow!!!

It also illustrates the importance of surrounding yourself with others that believe in your mission…..not matter how big, or small.  As I have stated before, at YOUYOGA we believe in you, until you have the courage to believe in yourself.  That message flows in both directions…..our students belief in our message, and our teachers belief in our mission makes it easier for me to push forward through the success, the doubt and the times of being overwhelmed.  These experiences are universal…..not unique to me, or anyone else. So, when you are able to bare witness to others’ perseverance as the overcome their struggles it gives you the courage to believe even more in yourself.

Please watch this video clip and let yourself be inspired to step out onto the ledge of your dreams, and find the courage to leap into your destiny!  Namaste