The YOGA BREATH – a microcosm of all we are April 23, 2012

Breath is the most basic of all life functions – it’s the first thing we do on earth, and the last thing we do when we leave this world. It is what nourishes every cell, what makes us alive, yet we are too often so unaware of the quality of the breath and it’s power to influence how we feel, how we move, how we are. When we concentrate hard or are in pain, we tend to hold the breath, but breathing into the pain and through the challenging movement or situation is so helpful! It’s a gift to give ourselves – breath awareness.
I found this lovely simple deconstruction of what makes up a breath, and how each breath is a microcosm of all the elements of our lives. 
Breath really is the basis of all yoga… uniting mind to body, movement and breath, and so uniting body and spirit, and so reaching for enlightenment.
“The inhale is an expression of Self, of receiving, of making a place for me on this earth
The rest at the top of the breath is an expression of strength
The Exhale is about the Other, about giving, sharing
The rest at the bottom of the breath is about trust. Trusting in silence, trusting in the body, trusting in the world.”
 -Bersma and Visscher (Yoga Games for Children)