About Me June 11, 2011

Welcome to YouYoga!!! My name is Ericka and I began this blog, because I am a yoga student that has made the big step into becoming a yoga teacher.  Mind you, this was the biggest, slowest, longest step that I have ever taken in my life.  I got my certification from KC Fitness Link 4 years ago this summer…and I walked through the door of teaching just this winter in Overland Park and Prairie Village, Kansas.  Long step, right?  Just like all people, when we try something new our lovely friend “doubt” pops up, and encourages us to do something else. 

I found all kinds of something else to do too!!!  However, this yoga thing would not go away….it was ever-present at work, in conversations with friends, and family.  In fact, I began taking a yoga class with my dear friend from work.  And just like the warmth of the sun on a cool, crisp Fall day….it felt so good, and so right.  In those moments of practice, I began to realize that when I practice yoga I also become myself.  Not trying to be anything more….just myself.

As a young child my favorite pass time was to move with music…no limits, no expectations, no boundaries…just freedom of expressions, along with joy of movement. That is what yoga does for me as an adult today!!  I feel in the flow of life as I heard Oprah say.  It is my wish that all who practice yoga experience on some level this flow of life.  This moment where you become one with your true self… limilts, no expectations, no boundaries…just freedom!

As a teacher, I encourage my students to let go and just be.  As adults how often are we allowed such a moment?  As a reader of my blog it is my hope that by sharing my personal stories of teaching, and maybe even some of my life’s lessons too.  It will allow you a moment to let go, and just be.

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4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Awesome job, Ericka. Great blog with very useful tips and information. Can’t wait to contribute and be a part of such a positive community and movement. Love to you always. With pride, Michael

    • opnamaste Says:

      Thank You! I too am looking forward to having your knowledge, insight and voice becoming a part of YouYoga!!! With shared respect and love, Ericka 🙂

  2. Writings for a Blissful Soul Says:

    So thankful to have come across your site! My goodness, I loved reading about your “long” path to teaching yoga. It made me giggle with understanding! How many of us experience a passion in life & find ourselves greeted at the door by “doubt”?! Many blessings in your yoga & life! Peace & namaste

    • YouYoga Says:

      thank you so much for the kind words……doubt still tags along from time to time, but I’m learning to focus on the moments, and taking the time to acknowledge the small steps of courage on my path to sharing my passion. many blessing to you as well!!! Namaste 🙂

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