Kids…gotta love their perspective August 25, 2012

So, while driving my kids to school today…I shared with them that I may not be able to attend as many class room parties/field trips with them this year due to putting energy towards growing YouYoga’s offerings for our current and future …
students…The car became quiet, so to fill the space I shared with them that both of my parents worked, and were never able to attend daytime school events during the year. Hoping they’d find appreciation for all of my attendance during the past school years….At last a response: my 9 year old, son stated: “Yeah Mom, but Papa and Abuela (my parents) worked at General Motors building cars for the whole entire world to use. You just teach people yoga, and they really don’t need that…”

Really??? I know this was his attempt to say, it would be nicer if you could come on a field trip with me this year, and yes it would be! But, I also want him (both of my children) to understand that taking time for self to connect with breathe, body and mind should be  just as important to people, if not more than making cars for the entire world!

We invite you to come join us as our class offerings will be expanded beginning October 1……details are coming soon! Until then, check out our schedule for current class offerings: 

Together we can show our children/grandchildren that happy, healthy people are the most important thing in the world!!!



2 Responses to “Kids…gotta love their perspective”

  1. Krys Says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I am most definitely one of the people who need to serenity that your yoga gives me. The strength is just a bonus. Without peace of mind and body, we are all just a wreck. You have taught me to breath through things, both big and little. I in turn am trying to show my children that anything is possible, with a deep breath and determination. I am so grateful for YouYoga!!!!

    • YouYoga Says:

      gosh krys…i’m so touched by your kind words!!! well, as you gain peace of mind from your practice….i gain strength from your presence! thanks so much for believing in YouYoga’s message, and supporting our yoga space!!! you are appreciated 🙂

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