Yoga and Shoulder Pain…it doesn’t have to be August 22, 2012

Have you ever hurt your shoulders during a yoga practice? I’ve actually heard of students leaving their yoga practice behind due to intense shoulder pain. As a yoga teacher, I firmly believe that if we learn how our bodies work……then we can learn to move with our bodies in less harmful ways, helping us to develop strength, flexibility, and the balance we desire. I’ve found an article at MyYogaOnline that shares information on the shoulders, and how they function to support a yoga practice. Please enjoy and allow yourself sometime for an ah-ha moment!

5 Responses to “Yoga and Shoulder Pain…it doesn’t have to be”

  1. colgore Says:

    Thanks for this! I went to a workshop led by a popular Ansura teacher. She had me stick my arm out straight with my palm facing forward. She then put pressure on my hand and told me to pull back through the shoulder only so that the shoulder blade pressed into and down my back. I don’t know if I’m describing that right, it might be one of those instances where it’s better to show than tell. But tweaking the basic mechanics of my shoulder movements changed my entire practice and eliminated a lot of shoulder pain. Now I demonstrate it to all of my students. This article is even more knowledge I can add to my repertoire!

    • YouYoga Says:

      i shared your technique today with the students, and light-bulbs were turning on all over the room….. i love sharing things that help the students understand how their bodies function, so they may get more benefit from their practice. thanks again!

    • YouYoga Says:

      this was from yesterday…you betcha! in short….the body rocks!!! if we can give our students tools that will benefit their bodies while increasing their knowledge of how their body works…..well, i guess we rock too!!! thanks for sharing that tip…..i tried it on my husband and it worked…..can’t have enough tools to share with others, because different things make sense to different people. enjoy your day, and thanks so much for supporting youyoga!

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