NIH Asks Older Adults, “Ever Consider Yoga?” July 10, 2012

Senior in Easy Pose for Meditation


  The National Institute of Health (NIH) recently sent out a bulletin asking older adults if they had ever considered yoga.  It is accompanied by a great video featuring Dr. Marie A. Bernard, Deputy Director, National Institute on Aging.  She is a senior and has been practicing yoga for two years now.  The video only takes a couple of minutes.  Dr. Bernard discusses how she has benefitted from yoga and how other might also.  See the video here.

  While Dr. Bernard started with hot yoga, remember there are many types of yoga, so it is a viable alternative for everyone regardless of current fitness level.  I invite you, using the comments below, to share your experiences with both mat and chair yoga.  Here is your chance to help others understand the positive impact yoga can have on their lives.

  For a Bio of Dr. Bernard click here.                                                                                      


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