Fight Club…..It’s NOT What You Might Be Thinking February 10, 2012


Holly Reynolds, Fight Club and Ericka Bell, YOUYOGA

A couple of weeks of go I was invited to share in a yoga practice at Title Boxing Club in Prairie Village, Kansas…….seems a bit odd?  Well, truthfully it was for a moment.  I walked into a gym with a large group of people looking unleashed as they were swinging hard on punching bags in unison with hard-hitting music.  It was all game face on and sweat puddles on the ground.   In that crowd emerged the petite, sure of herself, as well as her message  Holly Reynolds.  I had the pleasure of meeting Holly several weeks ago when she attended one of my yoga classes.

After our practice together she invited me to be a guest instructor for her non-profit organization Fight Club.  This program has been created to help teenagers between the ages of 13-17 years to help empower themselves against bullying whether physical, or verbal.   Without hesitation I said, “Yes!”  I honestly did not know what I had agreed to, but I was happy to be involved in a program that shared, and practiced a positive message.  I had never worked with, or taught a large group of teenagers before, so it was a little uncomfortable to start…..I also wasn’t sure how they would respond to a yoga practice.

To my surprise and relief this youthful group of participants were responsive,  as well as willing to try something that was new to the largest majority of them.  As I gained my confidence in sharing, it appeared that they gained their confidence in participating.  I must admit while standing at the front of the class it was quite a lovely sight to witness the individual expressions of their Swan Dives, Updogs and Warriors. 

I don’t know if any of them will ever do yoga again, but that wasn’t the point.  What mattered is they were willing to try something different.  They also found that they were capable of pushing their boundaries with patience and confidence.   Along with a supportive awareness of themselves, as well as for the people who shared in the practice with them.  When I realized that I helped to create that moment with that special group of  kids… was quite a good feeling. 

So, I say……Job Well Done Mrs.  Holly Reynolds, as well as the staff/supporters of Fight Club!!!  By creating small moments for these youth you’re creating large opportunities for bright futures for your students.  Thank You again for allowing YOUYOGA to experience a taste of the greatness that you all create everyday for the kids of Fight Club.



Find out more about Fight Club, and how you can support this organization:


6 Responses to “Fight Club…..It’s NOT What You Might Be Thinking”

  1. Rachael Wiedner Says:

    Amen Ericka…I applaude you. Fighting is not about retaliation, it is about stouping to the level of what the other person is lacking….sadly enough it is attention any way they can get it. I love what you are doing to combine resources through the community to keep harmony and peace. Thanks to all of you…I look forward to meeting your new friends!

  2. Lora F. Says:

    I’m so glad you shared this story, Ericka, and also I have been heartened to see Fight Club getting some good publicity recently. Bullying requires a real response, not an attitude that ignores it. What a good feeling for you to get to participate with and lead those brave teens!

    • YouYoga Says:

      Me too Lora….and I’m glad that Holly included me in her wonderful, as well as much needed program. It’s is easy to be doubtful about our children’s future, but it takes people with vision and passion to help give them direction, along with positve options for their future. From what I witnessed and experienced…..Fight Club is making it happen!

  3. Darrell-Duane Wray Says:

    Thanks for sharing this story Ericka, I met Holly at yoga class and she shared the Fight Club idea with me. I wasn’t able to attend:-(
    So, it is nice to hear that the kids got some good positives from Fight Club and from Yoga!
    That’s a Win Win for the Kids 🙂

    • YouYoga Says:

      It was for sure a win/win…….it was nice spending time with them and witnessing the quality of Holly’s program in action. And in the future, I’m sure they would be happy to have you take part in sharing your positive message with the kids as well.

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