Come As YOU Are, and Work with What YOU Got! February 3, 2012

Last weekend Emily Parnell, co-owner of the ParnellMower Group of Overland Park, Ks was kind enough to share this blog post with me by Joshilyn Jackson. 

The post is an open letter to a yoga student that she noticed in a yoga practice, and they happen to share a common trait….that’s not so commonly found in a yoga class.  They have an unspoken bond, and that moment encourages her to continue with her own yoga practice, even if she just so happens to stand out from the crowd……and that’s not a bad thing! 

We’ve all had the experience, at least once in our lives of feeling that we could walk tall…..simply because the person before us was walking tall too.  I invite you to share in this delightful story, so that you may find the courage to inspire others as you journey down the path that speaks to your spirit.

Click Here:



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