Itchy Throat? Well, Inhale Deep….Then Hum! October 5, 2011

With allergies still upon us…many of us are looking forward to the first frost.  It’s not that we desire a long winter, but we just want some relief!  Often times when I get an itchy throat I reach for antihistamines, crunchy foods, or I make a terrible throat sound that startles the kids, as well as the dog.  Luckily for my family, and myself I have come across a new approach.

It’s known as the yoga humming breathe, or Brahmari.  As the exhale is released through the form of a hum the vibration soothes the throat, along with the ear canals.  This style of breathing is also thought to loosen congestion in the chest.  And just like all forms of conscious breathing, the humming breathe improves blood circulation helping to create a meditative state of mind. 

To accomplish this technique come to a comfortable seated position with shoulders positioned over the hips.  Draw in a deep breath, then release the breathe with sealed lips through the action of a hum, you should sound like a bee, until all of the air is emptied from the lungs.  If you notice any tension in the face, slightly separate the teeth while keeping the mouth closed.  For optimum benefits repeat Brahmari breathe 10 times, or for 3-4 minutes. 

I have been using this technique for the last several days….it has been working for me.  Not to mention, it takes me back to nice memories of humming in my childhood backyard as I played outside on long summer days.  May the humming breath bring you some relief, and just maybe a little nostalgia too.


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