Tadasana: Mountain Pose 2 August 15, 2011

The word tada means “mountain” in sanskrit.  Or in my classes I like to say, “Tada….look I’m standing on both feet!”  Often as we go through our day we shift our weight from side to side, rather than being balanced betweeen the legs, and feet.

Next time your standing in a line, or at your kitchen sink take a moment and notice how your weight is being distributed between your legs, and feet.  You might find you’re sagging in one hip placing more of your weight on that leg.  This can create an imbalance in your posture.  The good news is just by bringing awareness you can begin to shift allowing yourself to feel more balanced, along with feeling more connected.

Mountain Pose is good for all!  If you have issues with your spine, or Parkinson’s disease you can practice this asana with your back against a wall.  Practicing Tadasana will help correct bad posture, as well as straighten the spine.  It counters the degenerative effects of aging on the spine, legs, and feet.  The most exciting benefit in my opinion is that it also tones the buttock muscles…..yeah for yoga! (B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga the Path to Holistic Health)

So takes this pose of the month and work it.  You don’t need a mat or a class to benefit from this basic asana.  Take the time to seek balance, and you’ll find yourself feeling more connected and grounded…just like the majestic mountains of nature.

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