Tadasana: Mountain Pose August 2, 2011

Often times in our practice I think we’re drawn to the full expression of an asana, or pose.  For instance, while practicing Vkrsasana: Tree Pose we don’t attain a strong foundation with balance before we try, with all of our might, to pull the heel of our foot to our groin.  In doing so, we look more like a Weeping Willow, rather than a sturdy Oak.  Taking this approach to a pose can help reinforce internal thoughts like: I have poor balance.  This statement may be currently true. 

However, we need to come to a place where our practice helps to create supportive thoughts, rather than our thoughts determining the outcome of our practice.  For instance, in Tree Pose if we allow the toes to rest on the ground while the heel of the foot rest on the inside of the standing leg we can begin to seek balance.  Once we find that balance we can begin to work on other aspects of the pose.  With this mindful, self-acceptance approach eventually supportive thoughts will arise like: My balance is improving. 

This got me thinking…finding ease in a pose is truly a matter of understanding the foundation of each pose.  Then with an open heart and a quite mind we meet ourselves where we’re at in the pose.  Being playful and being curious every step of the way.  It also got me thinking that Tadasana: Mountain Pose truly is the foundation of all asana.  As simple as it may appear, it takes quite a bit of awareness to align the body properly.  It takes even more awareness to seek that  alignment in each pose.

So, this month we honor Mountain Pose.  It’s a pose attainable for all, as well as a pose that truly can be practiced anywhere at anytime.  Try it standing, sitting or even lying down with feet grounded at the wall.  Feel your inward strength radiating out.  Have faith knowing that with a strong foundation, as well as proper alignment all poses are possible within your bodies unique form of expression.

In the weeks to follow I will share the benefits, the anatomy and the modifications for Tadasana.  Join me in my practice of Mountain Pose this month, and let’s feel grounded and stronger together.


(Photo created by Esteem Fitness)


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