Yoga Momma Needs A Yoga Bag July 27, 2011

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As a mother of two children under 10 I’m constantly running them from event to event.  Wether it’s for their minds, or their bodies they always have a bag to keep their necessary contents together.  As for me I keep my necessary contents for Yoga everywhere.  The back of my car holds blocks with a mat….the television stand is where I toss my eye pillow and elastic band….the hall closet stores towels just incase I need to dab the sweat off after my practice….any drawer I can find will hold CDs for my yoga listening….lastly, if my water bottle can’t be found, usually it is located with one of my children.  And yes, they have their own, but I guess water taste better out of mine.  So, it got me thinking….this yoga momma needs a yoga bag!

I made a trip to Target to replace my well-worn and well-used yoga mat.   While I was browsing through the selections my eyes fell upon the bag I just admitted to myself that I  needed.  It was just hanging there all alone….the last one.  The perfect one for me! I absolutely love this bag, and it holds all of my yoga props.  As well as, items I might need for teaching classes, or my personal self.  I highly recommend that if a yoga practice is becoming a part of your weekly life that you get a bag to keep all your items together.  It will give you a sense of organization, a sense of preparedness, and a sense that your practice is an important part of your life.  Not just a hobby that you scatter throughout your car trunk, television stand, and hall closet.


Contents in my Gaiam Yoga Bag:

Yoga CD…get your groove on

Candle…set the mood

Gaiam Yoga Mat (actually stores under bag…really cool)

Two Yoga Blocks (they’re in there behind CD :))…modify when you need it

Elastic Band by Body Sport…increase your flexibility and strength

Towel…slippery when sweaty

Water Bottle…stay hydrated

Eye Pillow…relax, let go, unwind

Kashi Bar…refuel after your practice

Want more information?  Visit:

(I make no profit from you visiting this sight…just sharing ideas.)


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