Chewy Goodness July 26, 2011

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There’s nothing I enjoy more than a chewy snack.  It’s even better when a little gets stuck to your teeth….. creating the perfect opportunity to make a silly face while  trying to un-lodge it with your tongue.  Oh, you know what I’m speaking of, because we have all been there at least once, or twice.  There are many goodies that can create this exact possibility,  but today I’m enjoying the chewy goodness of Ginger Chews made by the Ginger People company.  Not only is this a fun little bite to eat, but it has many health benefits too.  Ginger is believed to stimulate digestion, naturally freshen breathe, relieve nausea, sooth cold symptoms and relieve headaches. 

I buy my Ginger Chews in bulk at Whole Foods.  I like to set them out in a pretty bowl for everyone to enjoy.  The great thing is that 1-2 can really settle a sweet tooth, while entertaining the mouth with its spicy, sweet, chewy goodness.  If you haven’t had them before, I truly recommend giving them a try.   Want to learn more?  I got my information about the benefits of ginger from



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