Planning For Perfection July 19, 2011

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I could write a nice little e-book sharing with you all of the times I passed up an opportunity because the moment wasn’t perfect in my mind. If the chance for a new experience was going to interrupt my perfectly planned schedule for the day….it wasn’t going to happen.  For example, if my day was already earmarked for cleaning house, paying bills and sorting laundry….there was no way I was going to participate in an impromptu playdate with the kids.  I would truly pull out my calendar and pencil it in for another day.

Now, don’t misunderstand there’s nothing wrong with having a plan and an expectation.  I think implementing this approach can lead to wonderful success.  However, if this style of planning rules every moment in life it could also lead to stiff boredom.  It also helps to create a safe haven not allowing one to reach out beyond comfortable boundaries.  If we’re not going past boundaries are we truly growing?  No!  We have to step out and discovery the options that aren’t highlighted on our calendar.  This is where living life begins.  Heck, it’s how we know we’re alive!  Take a moment and think about the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach, or maybe an extra flutter in your heart.  If you moved past those feelings, and lived that moment.  How did you feel afterwards?

My moment was teaching yoga for the very first time.  In my class I had 24 students.  Forget butterflies and an extra flutter in my heart.  It was more like giant moths and feeling like I needed an oxygen tank.  But, I was the instructor and the students were waiting to be lead in a yoga practice.  I had my perfect notes, I had the perfect music, and I had practiced this sequence many of times.

Even though I planned for perfection it didn’t happen.  I forgot the sequence.  The music didn’t translate as well in a class setting.  And worse yet, I didn’t have enough material for the 75 minute class.  Perfection absconded with my safe boundaries.  I was left with only me, and I discovered that was just fine. I stayed calm, slowed the pace, and I pulled from past yoga classes I had taken to round out the remainder of our practice. 

As I look back on this experience I believe it was indeed the plan.  Not created by me, but by the universe.  It’s a reminder that if we’re willing to stray from our safe zone once in a while we’ll have an opportunity to discover the greatness that already lies within.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride for myself.  I also learned I could share yoga with others.  This doesn’t mean I no longer prepare for classes…it just means I know each class doesn’t need to be perfect to have a purpose for my students, or for myself.


4 Responses to “Planning For Perfection”

  1. Poignant piece about surrender for the sake of growth. You certainly should consider writing that e-book! Many would benefit. As a practitioner and eternal student of life I see so many people waiting for that perfect moment to excel, shift gears and be more only to become paralyzed in the face of analysis. Perfection resides in boundless action. I applaud your growth and respect for process.

  2. opnamaste Says:

    Thank you for sharing your insight. In our culture we’re applauded if we’re striving to become perfect, but as a life long student of this theory I know that it can turn into a project of becoming stagnant. It’s really important to learn to let go…lose your breathe and let your heart race every once in awhile.

  3. Thank you so very much for this perfect piece it was very much what I needed to hear. So much of what you said rang true to me in my life and made me realize it is important to seize opportunity rather then awaiting the perfect moments that may not come again. Enjoying your site as well as your knowledge. Appreciating you for sharing your wisdom.

    • opnamaste Says:

      You’re so welcome. I appreciate your kind words, as well as you sharing some of your experience with this topic. I’m learning from my own experiences that it’s more important to share the best of what you have to offer…..even it’s a little rough around the edges. By the way, aren’t the cookies with the “rough edges” the best anyway? Thanks again. I too enjoy your sight, and will be returning often.

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