Quiet Please, Yoga in Session July 1, 2011

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With a title like this one would assume that I would be speaking of the passer-by that might be peeking in the window, or might be speaking loudly on their smart phone, or might be shouting at their small child to stop running.  Yes, it’s true that I have had these exact occurrences outside of my classroom door.  I refer to these types of distractions as outside chatter.  In fact, I try to use them as a tool to help my students draw their awareness inward. A real-life opportunity to hone in on what truly matters while blocking out what doesn’t matter.

However, when this distraction tool arises inside of the classroom I become a little perplexed.  If  I ask my fellow yogis why they enjoy practicing in a group setting…the answer is almost always they love the energy that a group setting brings.  I couldn’t agree with them more.  But, we are also all aware of the saying…it only takes one bad apple to ruin a bunch.  Is that really a saying?  I’m not for sure, but you know what I mean.  Regardless, no one wants to be that bad apple, right?

Here are several ways one can avoid such a title:

1.  If you arrive a little late, or even have to leave a little early… please come in as quiet as possible.  On the flip side try to exit the same.

2.  If you have additional belongings other than yoga props, please try to leave them outside of the classroom, or place them in a style that takes up minimal space on the floor.

3.  If you’re in the mood to share your thoughts….I truly welcome such interaction, but it can’t stop the flow of class.  Let’s share in full conversations after our practice.

4. If you catch yourself in giggle mode with your neighbor….breath and try to refocus.

5. If your phone rings and you have to answer it, please make sure you’re holding this conversation outside of the classroom… not while standing on your yoga mat.  If at all possible lets not have phones on during our practice.

6.  If you find yourself in a challenging pose, please keep any thoughts that aren’t supportive of your practice under your breath. I’m speaking of the statements like; “Oh my God, this is killing me.” 

7.  If you like body fragrances….try to make sure they’re not so strong that they may interfere with someone’s flow of breath.

8.  Also, please remember that there isn’t assigned seating in yoga.  The floor is open to everyone.

Now, remember these suggestions aren’t trying to take away from your personal expression, or personal experience.  They’re just a proposal to help ensure when the sign on the door says; “Quiet please, Yoga in session.” The passer-by outside of the classroom could more likely become the bad apple, rather than the yogi who loves being in class for group energy.


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