I’ll have the Yin with a side of Thoughts… June 24, 2011

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Oh you know what I am talking about…let’s not pretend.  You make your way through the day of carpool, playdates, work, a quick stop to the store for milk, drop the kids to karate, and finally you arrive in a low lit room, candles burning with soft music playing…..the perfectly picked yoga mat is rolled out so that you may place your tired, but ready for yoga body upon it.  Seeking that moment of peace, silence, clam you begin to breathe…maybe even close your eyes down. 

You’re doing good, you’re feeling good, and then it begins.  The thoughts start rolling in….I hope we don’t have any playdates next week.  The kids have fun, but I am worn out.  I should have picked up some bread when I got the milk… I think we are low on eggs too…darn.  I hope my husband remembers to pick the kids up from karate……..maybe I should call him now.  Class begins and you’re reminded to release the thoughts, drop the brain, and seek the breath.  It seems the harder we try to seek our Yin moment the harder it is to find.

What is this constant need to be engaged on some level whether it is productive or not?  Why is it so hard to step aside and just be. No thoughts, no worries, no what ifs……but just being completely unplugged. Why is it that when we are asked to seek stillness, all of a sudden the bottom of our foot, or the tip of our nose needs to be itched?   What is going on inside of us that we are trying to avoid?  Are these patterns of habit, or patterns of distraction that keep us from having a moment with ourselves?

I really don’t know.  I would imagine that the reason may be a little different for each of us.  But what I do know is it’s important to take time to cultivate a relationship with moments for ourselves.  When we take time for ourselves we create time for us to just be.  As we take this time we can begin to see what real qualities, strengths, talents lie within us.  As we understand and appreciate those qualities we can share our gifts in meaningful ways with others.  When we have this connection our lives are productive allowing us to have a sense of purpose.   If we have a purpose that is connected to our true selves we are then living in the flow of life.

So ask yourself this….  Is being low on eggs important enough to interrupt your moment of seeking Yin?  In the bigger picture, I think not.  If you take the time to plan your moments of seeking Yin make sure you allow yourself the opportunity to seek it fully.  Yes, thoughts will arise and that is natural.  Just remember to replace each thought with your breath helping you find those Yin moments, and in doing so you will be one breath closer to your true self.


2 Responses to “I’ll have the Yin with a side of Thoughts…”

  1. Great post. I’m not sure of the answer either but I do think that yoga provides a much healthier way of trying to get there than, say, afternoon cocktails. Though the latter is a nice diversion at times.

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